Being a Little: 7+ Brilliant Hacks for When Your Little’s Sick

being a little when you're sick and don't have a caregiver to take care of you. Daddy's girl when Daddy's not home

Being a little when you don't have a Caregiver to take care of you downright sucks.

A few weeks ago, I upchucked my lunch so hard my abs were sore.


being a little when you're sick and don't have a caregiver to take care of you. Daddy's girl when Daddy's not home

I wish it was from a night of, um, a little too much fun.

Alas, 'twas a malady of the stomach. And lemme tell ya, it was vicious.

Unfortunately, Daddy wasn't around to take care of his lil princess. So I had to be a big girl, and take care of myself.

(Yeah, I definitely still whined and moaned and cried and pouted. That doesn't make me a bad sub, though, just one who doesn't feel good 😔)

Once my tummy didn't feel like a roller coaster, it kinda struck me: Other littles experienced the same icky situation.

That's what we're covering today:

How to take care of a sick little....even if you're the sick little.

When it comes to being a little, it can be hard to voice exactly what you want or need. Luckily, there are some things that (almost) always provide comfort.

bath time ddlg

Wash Your Face

If you're feeling pukey, poopy, or some other kind of icky, there's just something about a cool, wet rag to the face. Heck, if cold sounds terrible, a warm rag feels nice. The point is to wipe away the sweat and tears, and give yourself a tiny peek at cleanliness.

Take a Bath

Depending on how much energy you have, a bath is almost always an amazing choice. Go potty beforehand, grab a fresh towel (or have your Caregiver put it in the dryer & pull it out when you're done), and grab something to entertain yourself, like a tablet, phone, or book.

Wear Your Favorite Comfies

Whether or not you take a bath, slip into your absolute favoritest comfy clothes. Fuzzy, warm socks are always a good choice, too. Heck, even put on your favorite undies, if you think it'll help!

Cuddle Up With a Blankie

Your bed, the couch, or a carpeted floor make for good places. Snag your coziest, most comforting blanket you own...or grab all of them. Don't forget to remember enough pillows to prop yourself up, so your shoulders don't get too sore. Wrap up in a blanket burrito, if you want.

Get Extra Love From a Stuffie

Being a little, we're well-aware of the magical powers of stuffies. Use them towards your recovery efforts, and grab your favorite babies. This might be a good time to grab, like, 7 of them. Idk. Just spit ballin'.

Sip on Something

Even if you're pukey, it's important to sip on something. Gatorade (or anything with electrolytes) is ideal. But if you can't have that, water and an extra salty bite to eat is good. Whatever salty snack you crave does the trick. You've lost a lot of fluids and need to replenish!

meal ideas for littles when they're sick

I struggle a lot with eating, in general. Throw in feeling like a pile of garbage? Genuinely laugh-worthy. I ain't eatin' shit lol

Yeah, little me is defiant (and bratty, can you tell?) as heck. So, Big me had to step in and rein her back in.

I'd puked up everything....and more. My body needed something, despite not wanting a single thing.

Here's the thing:

There's 100% absolutely something you want.

Now, it might not be something you're *supposed* to eat. I'm looking at you, funnel cakes and ahi tuna salad.

For some reason, your body's craving it, when it's craving nothing else. Honor that craving.

Along the way, you may or may not end up wanting to eat other things. It's cool either way. The only point is getting sustenance back into your body, after evacuating it and/or skipping meals for extended periods of time.

One thing:

Don't over-stuff yourself--you might end up vomiting all over again. Eat until you're full, but not stuffed-to-the-eyeballs.

Another bit of advice:

Try to drink a glass of water before and after eating. Try not to chug it, or it might come right back up. But get some into you, before eating--if you can. Otherwise, sip on it after you consume food.

Most littles like naps. They enjoy sleeping because they're teeny tiny little babies.

sweet dreams ddlg

I'm not most littles.

I hate naps. I either sleep like garbage because I'm concerned about waking up to an alarm, or I sleep like the dead, wondering what year it is what I wake up. No in between.

I'ma let you in on a little secret:

Sick naps are awesome. The best. I wish I could take sick naps without the sick part.

So, if you're a sleep-avoider like me, do yourself a favor next time your sick: Honor your body.

If it says, "SLEEP!" Then sleep, dangit!!!!

It's not trying to say that because it's mean or doesn't want you to have fun or life hates you (although I said 100% of those things, as I was fighting sleep). It's saying that cuz it's what'll lead to you feeling better.

Sleep = Recovery Shortcut

Allow yourself to fall into that drool-inducing, deep sleep, with excessively weird dreams, and let your body do its thing.

The biggest thing you need to remember about being a little when you're sick, is it's ok to cry!

You feel icky! You wanna puke, or poop, or some other awful thing that makes you wanna curl into a ball.

Littles cry, and it's especially ok for littles to cry when they're not feeling well.

So, whether you're a little yourself, a new Caregiver, or a seasoned Daddy Dom, you're filled-to-the-brim on sick littles 101!

Want to know *exactly* what your little needs, when they're sick?

Never feel as if you suck again, and discover the exact thing your little needs right this second.