Awesome DDlg Activities for Littlespace

DDlg activites and ideas for littlespace. Things to do for Daddy Doms and littles

Hi baby! I bet you're here for some awesome DDlg activities.

Well, I've got some super duper fun stuff for you. This massive list has 51 of my absolute favorite littlespace ideas.

(What is little space? It's another name for a little's headspace or state of mind, where they take on a child-like mentality.)

Here's the thing:

Not every little has a Caregiver...or even wants a Caregiver!

But that doesn't make them any less little, or have any less desire for some ridiculously fun littlespace time.

That's what this is geared towards:

Ideas for littles without Daddies or Mommies!

It's no fun to think about all the little things you could do in a CGl relationship.

For that reason, this list focuses on things you can do in little space all by your little teeny tiny self...even if you're an adult baby!

So, get ready for some extra awesomeness, in terms of DDlg activities!

Please take anything from here, run with it...and report back with how much fun you had!

The Best Littlespace Ideas & DDlg Activities for *Any* Little!

  1. Reading a book
  2. Looking up ridiculous Dad jokes
  3. Coloring
  4. Working on an activity book
  5. Doing a craft of some sort
  6. Glitter. That's it.
  7. Make a bead bracelet--make them for other people, if I'm really feeling it!
  8. Dancing around to my favorite song
  9. Making up an actual dance routine
  10. Pretending I'm a ballerina & doing pirouettes, arabesques, and other pretty dance moves
  11. Setting up my own obstacle course
  12. Hula hooping
  13. Busting out the skip-it
  14. Setting up a giant hopscotch
  15. Drawing everywhere with sidewalk chalk
  16. Going climb a tree
  17. Swinging on a swing
  18. Singing along to my favorite songs
  19. Playing dress up & take pics of myself
  20. Practicing my self-ties, for shibari
  21. Watching a movie or show
  22. Talking to my puppy or stuffies
  23. Going to a thrift store and find new toys
  24. Baking something yummy
  25. Making my favorite little meals & use my little plates and cutlery
  26. Recording silly videos of me making up commercials
  27. Coming up with a play & having my stuffies perform
  28. Creating things with play doh
  29. Practicing gymnastics
  30. Setting up a blanket fort
  31. Planning a whole movie night, with popcorn, snacks, and drinks
  32. Taking myself out to eat & ask for the kids menu to color--it's way more common than you'd think
  33. Playing my favorite games (apps or video games)
  34. Putting my hair in pigtails or braids
  35. Choosing one of my favorite little outfits, making it adult-y & going out to do something
  36. Wearing a ginormous hair bow
  37. Rocking a pair of kitten ears or Mickey ears--sometimes even in public!
  38. Playing with some good ol' wooden blocks
  39. Browsing my favorite little shops & adding to my wish list
  40. Searching for new impact toys
  41. Taking DDlg quizzes
  42. Heading to the library and checking out some new books, movies, or magazines
  43. Swimming
  44. Coming up with new costume ideas...not just for Halloween
  45. Tie dying things--when I can go outside and not be too messy
  46. Putting stickers on things
  47. Making mug cakes or unbaked cookie dough
  48. Practicing makeup looks
  49. Riding my bike or longboard somewhere
  50. Changing my dolls' clothing
  51. Drinking chocolate milk from my sippie

Hopefully you've found some new ideas. If you have a favorite DDlg activities that weren't mentioned on the list, please feel free to share it below!