How to Boldly Unlock Orgasms for DDlg Long Distance Couples

How to Boldly Unlock Orgasms for DDlg Long Distance Couples 1

Your DDlg Long Distance Toy Guide to Still Orgasming at the Same Time

DDlg Long Distance

What if you could orgasm, when your partner's far away...with a little helping hand?

Luckily, that's no longer a pipe dream--you really can make loud moans escape your partner's lips, from anywhere in the whole world!

Today's technology doesn't just allow you to talk to each other, from any time or place. It also gives you the tools to have a hot sex life, despite living far away.

Further down, you'll discover the best ways to make your partner scream in ecstasy...and exactly where to get your hands on new toys.

Of course, not everyone likes the same things, so we broke down toys into different sections, to easily snag what you're looking for.

Click one of these links to jump down to your desired section. Or eyeball the whole list, before pulling the trigger.

Ready to dip your toes into the sex toys water, cutie pie?

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The Best Long Distance Sex Toy for Couples

Best long distance sex toy for couples

When it comes to the best couples long distance sex toys, most people write about sex toys for a penis and vagina.

Uhhh hello? Newsflash!

Not all long distance couples have those body parts.

So stop your worrying, and start getting excited because this couples sex toy is the perfect addition to any toy matter your gender.

Now presenting the sleek and sexy Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl Set--your answer to cumming together in real time--no matter how near or far.

This kit hands you everything you need to induce toe-curling orgasms together.

It contains:

  • KIIROO® Onyx2™
  • KIIROO® Pearl2™
  • Charging cords
  • Instruction manuals
  • Certificate of authenticity

The KIIROO® Onyx2™ is the cock toy, while the KIIROO® Pearl2™ is the vagina toy.

You likely heard of a pocket pussy or Fleshlight®. But, you've never seen anything like the Onyx2™ before.

This bad boy takes the luxury of the Fleshlight SuperSkin® sleeve, and adds in 3 different modes:

  • Slow
  • Fast
  • Manual

...which creates an insanely pleasurable 140-strokes every minute.

You get a full hour of totally uninterrupted use. You'll want that extra time, thanks to the 10 interior rings, for even more satisfaction.

As for the Pearl2™, its 9 different settings hand you the tools for whatever kind of pleasure you want, at the moment.

Thanks to its length (~7.5"), it doubles as a dildo. Combined with vibrations ranging from super-slow-to-high-intensity, an orgasms always just around the corner.

All you have to do is pick this baby up, click a few buttons, and melt away into bliss.

Now, we already covered the fact this set's built for a penis and vagina.

But, you can get your hands on different variations of this kit, depending on your needs.

For 2 Penises: KIIROO® Onyx2™ Couples Set

For 2 Vaginas: KIIROO® Pearl2™ Fuse™ Couples Set

With these couples toys, you'll never be left aching for a mind blowing cum with your partner again

The Best Long Distance Vibrator for Sexy Time

Best bluetooth vibrator for ddlg long distance relationships

Let's be real with ourselves:

A long distance vibrator is clutch when you're riled up, with nobody to give you a hand.

Luckily, you're no longer left high-and-dry, when it comes to your partner making you orgasm!

The Vibease Remote Control Vibrator is the answer to your long-distance prayers.

What makes this baby so phenomenal isn't the fact that it's remote controlled--it's also totally wearable.

That means you can slip it inside your panties, and play with your partner anywhere.

It's designed to sit in "the spot" know the one I'm talking about 😉

Go ahead and eyeball the details of this moan-worthy beauty:

  • Made of a lightweight, silicone material for discreet, hands-free wearing
  • Fantastic for solo play or with a partner
  • USB-rechargeable for up-to-3-hours-of-play (never use batteries again!)
  • Totally waterproof, so you can include it any aquatic fun

All that sounds amazing right? Well, you haven't heard the best part yet!

This pleasure-inducing bluetooth vibrator syncs with all of your favorite naughty audio erotica books, for an explosive experience.

Any time you want to skyrocket your sensations, this mode is the erotic nitrous you need.

Now, customizing what you hear to what your sex toy's doing is amazing. But, you're not always in the mood for that kind of play.

That's why this bluetooth vibrator takes the cake: It hands you the reins, so you can completely customize the vibration pattern and strength.

Long story short, you'll have leg-shaking-orgasms, no matter how you want to play that day!

When you're in a CGl long distance relationship, it often feels difficult to sexually connect. The Vibease bridges that gap, in no time flat.


The Best Masturbation Sleeve for Distance

Max 2 male masturbation sleeve for long distance

When you use a masturbation sleeve, you expect it to envelop your penis a certain way. If it doesn't meet your standards, you're left bluer than a whale.

Nobody wants to build up to the peak of an orgasm, only to feel let down and unsatisfied afterwards.

That's why you need a cock toy that'll make your eyes roll back, every time you bust it out--pun fully intended.

Put your hands together for the Max 2 by Lovense!

If you're familiar with the Lovense brand, fantastic. If not, then you're in for a real treat.

They might as well be called "F*cking From Afar" because they give you the tools to pleasure your partner, from around the world.

That's why the Max 2 takes the male masturbator cake.

While the Fleshlight is splash-proof and great for solo play, this bad boy is also:

  • Vibrates and contracts
  • Pairs with bluetooth
  • Can be controlled from a distance (duh!)
  • Rechargeable

Hold your horses! You haven't even heard the best part yet:

You can sync this toy to other Lovense products--like another Max 2, or The Nora--and interact with each other's toys!

Once connected, it's like you're right next to each other, playing with toys and letting moans escape your lips.

Whether you use this wildly pleasurable toy solo, app-controlled, or interactive, the Max 2 makes any long distance dynamic an orgasm-filled adventure.

The Best Bluetooth Sex Toy Dildo

When you're looking for a bluetooth sex toy dildo, a rabbit is definitely your best bet.

Its classic, double-armed shape reaches your favorite spots, by penetration and directly touching the clitoris.

While you could snag any app-controlled rabbit, there's one that'll make you go, "OHHHHH" more than once.

It's called the OhMiBod® Fuse™ and it's powered by KIIROO®--a company we already covered.

Let's be real:

One of the best parts about your partner going down on you is when they play with your clit exactly the way you like it. No toy can replicate that, right?


This baby allows your partner to tap or touch your finger in the app, which directly affects your toy. That means they can still give you exactly what you want...despite not being next to you.

What's even better is it pairs to any other KIIROO® toys, for a 100% interactive experience. So, both of you can call-the-shots.

In order to know what's good, an LED light illuminates, providing you with visual feedback.

Of course, none of that's worth it, without strong hardware. And hooo boy, does this pleasure stick smash expectations.

Its dual motor, dual simulation parts ensure a killer O face, every time.  It's pretty hard not to, with this incredible g-spot vibrator.

Solo and partner play are a whole new experience, when you introduce the OhMiBod® Fuse™ into your long distance play sessions.

The Best Bluetooth Butt Plug for Play Time

Sure, toys intended for pussy and cock are amazing. But sometimes you just want some sexy butt play.

And if you're already into anal and plugs, then you know how crucial the right toy is. Most will do the trick, but won't reach maximum pleasure potential.

That's why the Hush by Lovense wears the best long distance butt plug crown.

It's the perfect size for both beginner and intermediate users, which allows you to grow with your toy!

Get a feel for its awesomeness:

  • 360* sitting and standing range, so nothing gets in the way of close play
  • Made of100% silicone material, free of latex, rubber, and phthalates
  • Spiral design around the base of the neck, for easy removal
  • Stays put during use
  • Base is comfortable, but designed with safety in mind

As far as the technology goes, this baby is jam-packed with:

  • USB-rechargeable battery
  • Wireless app connection via bluetooth
  • 1.5-2-hours of continuous use

And, it comes with a year-warranty, so you don't have to worry about tossing your money out-the-window.

Feel waves of pleasure zing through your body, on low-, medium-, or high-settings, to match your toy to your desires.

So if you currently love butt play, or are interested in getting started, the Hush by Lovense is an amazing toy to add to your long distance sessions.

The Best Long Distance BDSM Bondage Toy

If you want to introduce more BDSM into your long distance play, then you'll grin, when you hear about this next toy.

When most people picture bondage, they imagine 2 people in the same room, using different kinds of restraints.

Those restraints typically range from handcuffs and silky ties, to under-bed sets and leather cuffs.

Of any bondage toy, though, rope is the best for long distance.

That's because rope can be used in solo bondage...and still gives the same effect as a partner tying you up.

When you're into bondage and power exchanges, the ultimate goal is to put you in your headspace. Rope allows you to do that with or without a partner. So, it's the perfect distance BDSM toy for couples.


The rope in The Little Bondage Shop is hands-down, without a doubt the best shibari rope--no matter how near or far away you are.

Since rope allows both parties to play via FaceTime, Skype, or some other video app, you set scenes visually and verbally talk through it. Doms often ask their subs to do things to themselves, and this distance task is no different.

By the time you actually get to play together in-person, you'll have your routine nailed down, so you can start playing without missing a beat.

Our Beginner's BDSM Kit hands you all the tools you need, to dip your toes into long distance bondage.

It contains:

  • Two (2) 15-foot ropes
  • One (1) 30-foot rope

...which allow you to try things like:

  • Simple chest harness
  • Hip harness
  • Leg ladder
  • Frog tie

Of course, the sky's the limit, as to what you can do with this set.

As long as you're doing things safely, get your engines roaring with rope.

And the sooner you pull the trigger on our Beginner's Rope Kit, the sooner you and your partner can dive into bondage...despite the current distance.

In the end, though, how you play when you're away is totally up to you and your partner!

It's ok to feel daunted, by making each other get off at a distance. But, the more you do it, the easier it becomes!

You got this--pinky promise. Your CGl or DDlg long distance relationships will bloom before your very eyes!

If you're still feeling stuck, look at our DDlg basics guide, to feel solid about anything and everything Caregiver little!

So, when you finally get to play in-person, it'll feel like you've already done it a million times before. Happy fun!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click them to make a purchase or complete a certain action, I will earn a commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.