DDlg Relationships: Your Complete Guide to Daddy Dom little girl Lifestyles

Everything You Wanna Know About DDlg Relationships

Welcome to DDlg Relationships 101: Your introduction to DDlg, MDlb, and other CGl dynamics!

Discover the dazzling world of BDSM, through a gentler lens of Dominance and submission.

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DDlg FAQ on what is DDlg, why are Daddy Dom little girl relationships popular, and more

What Does DDlg Stand for?

DDlg stands for "Daddy Dom little girl". Other abbreviations include dd lg and dd/lg. It's more commonly known as a "Daddy kink" or "little kink", which is a subset of Dom and sub relationships, otherwise known as BDSM.

What Is a DDlg Relationship?

DDlg, or Daddy Dom little girl, is a unique type of Dominant and submissive relationship between consenting adults, where the Dom takes on a gentle, parent-like role, and the sub maintains a headspace younger than their age, by Mother Nature's standards.

What Does DDlg Mean?

DDlg is a kink. Daddy Dom little girl dynamics are a subset of D/s or Dom and sub relationships. The Dom tends to take on a caring, parent-like role, while the little has a headspace, younger than their real age.

What Is DDlg?

DDlg is a kink and/or lifestyle, where both parties take on a parent-child-like relationship. It is absolutely not incestuous, nor is it pedophilia. These type of relationships are between two, consenting adults.

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How Does DDlg Work?

Every DDlg relationship is different. That being said, there's typically a Caregiver or Daddy role, and a little role. The Daddy takes care of the little, much like a parent takes care of a child.

What are Daddy Dom/little girl relationships like?

While every one looks different, there are 2 roles: Daddy and little. The Daddy takes care of the little, similarly to how a parent takes care of a kid. They provide stability, mentorship, and guidance, in all aspects of life.

How Common Is DDlg?

When it comes to kinks, especially BDSM, it's difficult to get an accurate read on how many people participate. That being said, Caregiver little relationships--and in turn, DDlg relationships--are one of the more popular kinks.

What Is the DDlg Community?

Just like other interests, kinksters who participate in DDlg relationships are a part of a bigger group, often called the DDlg community.

These groups consist of just Daddies and their littles, or can be a part of the larger Caregiver little community, and include Mommies, and more!

What Are DDlg Rules?

DDlg rules are guidelines and expectations given by a Daddy to a little, in a Daddy Dom little girl relationship.

These dynamics require a deep understanding of what each party needs. Implementing structure through rules, is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

You can learn more about rules for littles here.

Why Is DDlg so Popular?

DDlg is so popular because it's becoming less-taboo, just like many other kinks and sexual deviance. It's always been popular, but kept hush-hush to the outside world.

Things like 50 Shades of Gray, and Sugar Daddies coming to prominence, attribute to its rise in popularity.

Is DDlg Bad?

No, DDlg is not inherently bad.

That being said, there are plenty of ways it can be painted in a bad light, including through abusive Doms taking advantage of littles, when minors try to participate, and when there's no respect.

Other than that, DDlg is an amazing outlet for many consenting adults.


What Is MDLG?

MDlg stands for Mommy Domme little girl. This type of Dominant and submissive relationship has a gentler feel to it.

It's between two consenting adults, where the Mommy takes care of the little, much like a parent takes care of a kid.

Mommy kinks are not incest or pedophilia.

What is MDLB?

MDlb stands for Mommy Domme little boy.

This type of Dominant and submissive relationship, falls under the Caregiver/little umbrella.

The Mommy Dom(me) takes care of the little, much the same way a parent does for a child, through mentoring, guidance, and discipline.

MDLB is not incest or pedophilia.

What is DDLB?

DDlb stands for Daddy Dom little boy.

Very similar to DDlg relationships, this Dom and sub dynamic features a Caregiver and little.

This lifestyle occurs between 2 adults, where the Daddy Dom takes care of the little, similar to how a parent takes care of a child.

A Daddy kink is not pedophilia or incest.

What is CGl?

CGl stands for Caregiver little.

This type of relationship is a blanket term for D/s dynamics with a gentler feel, such as:

  • DDlg
  • DDlb
  • MDlg
  • MDlb

While these are not the only CGl relationships, they're the most common ones.

What Is a Daddy Dom?

A Daddy Dom is a Dominant with a more caring side. Daddy Doms are associated with the Daddy kink, aka DDlg, or Daddy Dom little girl.

This type of relationship--between 2 consenting adults--mirrors that of a parent and child, in that the Daddy cares for, mentors, and guides the little through everything in life.

What is a Daddy Kink?

Daddy kink is the common term for DDlg, or Daddy Dom little girl.

This type of relationship is between 2 consenting adults, and falls under BDSM. Essentially, it's a gentler version of a Dom and sub dynamic, which looks similar to a parent-child relationship: Daddy takes care of little.

What Does Daddy Mean?

In a sexual context, a "Daddy" is a type of Dominant in BDSM. A Daddy takes on a more gentle, caring role, than a typical Dominant. He provides guidance, mentorship, and more--much like a parent does for a child.

Why Do Guys Like Being Called Daddy?

There are 2 reasons:

  1. They're a Daddy Dom, and enjoy BDSM
  2. They think they're hot stuff

If it's the second option, good chances are it's a frat bro, fuck boy, or someone to keep an eye on.

If it's the first option, they're into DDlg.

Why Do Girls Call Their Boyfriend Daddy?

They're into Daddy Dom little girl, otherwise known as the Daddy kink. DDlg relationships are a type of Dom and sub relationship.

They enjoy being cared for, babied, and openly-loved. On the flip side their boyfriends--or Daddies--enjoy taking care of their little ones.

What Is a Little?

In DDlg, a little is someone who takes on a headspace younger than that of their "real" age. This is known as littlespace.

Being a little does not mean someone participates in ageplay, which is behaving like you're younger than your "real" age. This can include baby talk, temper tantrums, and more.

A little does not need a Caregiver or Daddy, in order to be a valid little. Single littles happily exist in the world of kink!

What is Little Space or Littlespace?

Littlespace is the headspace a little takes on. More specifically, it's when someone takes on a younger mindset, than they are in real life.

The ages of infant-to-10 typically fall into the category of littlespace. 11-17 is considered "middlespace".

Littlespace, however, does not imply behaving like a kid--this is known as "ageplay".

What is Age Play or Ageplay?

Ageplay is when someone behaves an age, younger than their "real" age. Ageplay is often associated with littlespace, but the two are not the same thing.

Littlespace is simply taking on a headspace, while ageplay is acting the age you take on.

Common ageplay behaviors include baby talk, temper tantrums, and more.

What does 'DDLG' and 'BDSM' mean?

Both of these acronyms are part of the kinky lifestyle.

DDlg stands for Daddy Dom little girl, otherwise known as the Daddy kink.

BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism & Masochism, and Dominance & submission.

DDlg relationships are are a type of Dom and sub relationship, where the Dom takes on a gentler, more-parent-like role, over their submissive.

What Is a BDSM Brat?

For the most part, BDSM brats are bottoms or submissives, who enjoy deviance and being mischievous.

Not all every brat is a submissive, but it's a good rule-of-thumb. Wanna know more about bratty behavior? Head over here.

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What's BDSM vs. S&M? What's the main difference?

BDSM stands for:

  • B: Bondage
  • D: Discipline, Dominance
  • S: Sadism, submission
  • M: Masochism

S&M stands for:

  • Sadism and Masochism

S&M falls under the umbrella of BDSM.

Is It Ok for a Dom and sub to Fall in Love?


While many Dom and sub relationships are portrayed as non-romantic, there are tons of D/s couples who are madly in love.

Dominance and submission should never stop you from falling head-over-heels, for your right person.