The Little Bondage Shop

Discover The Little Bondage Shop's Treasures!

Hi cutie pie!

My name is Eden, and I'm the owner of TheLittleBondageShop. I'm so excited you're here!

Many BDSM shops cater to a more dungeon-y side of things....which is awesome, but not always what littles, Mommies, Daddies, and other Caregivers want!

That's why my little kink shop offers everything from cute BDSM coloring pages & books, sex toys guides, and home bondage ideas, to chore charts, rewards, activity book for kinksters, and everything in-between.

So get ready to bust out the bondage rope, cut out all preconceived notions a la Fifty Shades of Grey, and change your sex life.

Role playing has never been more exciting....or kinkier 😈

Daddy Dom little girl & other Caregiver little dynamics are way more than just a teddy bear and age play.

Instead, these special Dominant submissive relationships provide stability structure between consenting adults, both long-distance and locally.

Every single DD lg dynamic is different. Sometimes it includes baby talk and a coloring book. Other times, it doesn't.

Your DD lg rules, rewards, and punishments are unique to your relationship.

The Little Bondage Shop is here to help you discover your true kinky self!

Choose-Your-Own Adventure! 👇🏼