Little Lifestyle Surprise Ideas

little lifestyle surprise gift ideas for ddlg and CGl

Surprise Ideas To Tickle Your Little Lifestyle Pink (Or Green, Orange...)

little lifestyle surprise gift ideas for ddlg and CGl

You've never seen anything like a little screaming with excitement, when you hand them a surprise that perfectly fits their little lifestyle.

Like, when I saw Daddy last month, he whipped out a new penguin bath scrubbie. You bet your bottom dollar I wiggled my butt in a giant happy dance, followed by "THANK YOU, DADDY!!!"

And I know I'm not alone in that. Us littles just get super duper excited about cute things, ok?

But, it can feel kinda weird just pulling the trigger on something random--even if you think your little would enjoy it!

...which leads us to today's topic:

What to gift littles, when you want to surprise them and have zero confidence in your choices.

Roughly translated to "shit littles like" 😉

Buckle up, baby, because we're in for one of my favorite rides!

Coloring Is Everything

Hands-down, no-questions-asked, coloring is the single littlespace activity that (almost) all littles enjoy. Like, it really doesn't matter the age--baby to big kid, the answer's a resounding "YES!", when you ask if they want to color.

BUT (and it's a big but)

Just because littles enjoy coloring, it does NOT mean they enjoy coloring the same thing.

I mean, yeah, in a pinch they'll color whatever's available. If you really want to go for the wow-factor, though, the designs really matter!

If you've got a super huge tomboy on your hands, you wouldn't bring them pink colored pencils and ballerina pages. No! Girly isn't their game.

On the other hand, if you've got a sweet, smol little boy, Transformers & trucks might not be his first choice.

This is the part where you step in as their Caregiver, and decide what kind of coloring book they'd like best.

Perhaps princesses are pertinent. Or, amazing animals are a must. Maybe music makes them move and groove.

Whatever they like, as their Caregiver, you know best.

Of course, if you're a little you know yourself best best. I recommend out sharing your interests with your Caregiver, so they can hit the nail on-the-head, when they surprise you...even if the convo's a bit silly.

Me: "Daddy, I just really really really REALLY love unicorns. Like really really."

Daddy: "I know, princess, that's why you're my favorite little sparkly unicorn on the planet"

Kinda duh.....but better to be safe than receive monster truck coloring pages. Not that monster truck coloring pages aren't cool, they're just not my jam. My jam is unicorns, if you couldn't tell 🦄

Anywho, after you figure out what kinda coloring book you want to get, now's the time to find that bad boy.

Now, you can always hit up the dollar store, Target, Walgreens, thrift stores, or any other place you tend to go. Depending on the designs you're looking for, though, you might be heading on a wild goose chase.

I've found some weird coloring books at those kind of places, so don't discount them. Just know it's a long shot!

What to Do When You Can't Find the Coloring Book You Want

I HATE when I can't find the exact thing I want, especially when it comes to littlespace activities. So, don't you sweat it--I've got your back!

I've one busy little girl the past few weeks, creating loads of different coloring books for my fellow littles!

Don't get me wrong--I love me some kittens and ponies, but sometimes I want something totally off-the-wall. That's why I've got TONS of different designs for you to go gaga over.

The best part?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, in terms of what you can get your hands on. Over the next few weeks, you're gonna see a LOT more of these puppies popping up.

That means you'll have a full-arsenal of coloring pages for littles, right at your fingertips.

Need a reward? Last-minute gift? Random surprise?

The world's your oyster, when you have the pick of the pearl!

You'll never be left in a crunch again...especially because you can print-and-go!

Big Bundles, Baby

Since we covered arguably the only thing (almost) all littles like, you'd think this email was over. Oh nay nay!

We have more ground to cover, young Padawan.

You ready for some word vomit?

Here's a sweet list of random things littles love, and what you can get them related to that. Keep in mind, not every little will love everything on this list--we're in the "general stuff now. You know what they like.

Let's go!


  • Bubble bath bubbles (you can make some, too!)
  • Bath bombs
  • Bath toys
  • Bath markers
  • Cute scrubbie
  • Towel with their favorite character
  • Robe
  • Fancy soap or shampoo
  • Hair mask


  • Brushes
  • Highlighter
  • That palette they've been talking about non-stop (Could be eyeshadow, contour, or something else)
  • Eyelashes
  • Eyelash curler
  • A gift card to their favorite spot
  • Ring light
  • Makeup organizer or bins
  • Pre-made makeup bundle


  • Apron with special message embroidered on the inside
  • Cookbook
  • A gift card to their favorite kitchen store (Sur le Table, Le Creuset, Crate & Barrel, etc.)
  • Sign-up for a couples cooking class
  • Get tickets to an in-person cooking event
  • Make them their favorite meal (and dessert, if you're feeling fancy!)
  • Fancy ingredients (Spices, chocolate, flour, etc.)
  • A subscription box of their favorite kind of food (there's something for everything, it feels like!)
  • Menus for littlespace play time


  • A gift card to their favorite hotel chain
  • Plan a road trip (near or far!)
  • Snag 2 last-minute tickets, for a surprise getaway
  • Language book, if they want to travel abroad
  • Passport holder
  • Tickets to a local museum you've both never been to
  • Plan a staycation and act like tourists in your own town
  • Travel journal or diary, to record their experiences
  • Giant map to pin where they've been (Scratch-off ones exist, too!)


  • Decor (The day after the holiday usually has the BEST sales. Stock up & get multiple gifts)
  • Holiday cookbook
  • Plan & execute a new tradition together
  • Plan a cliche event (Like pumpkin patches in the fall, visiting Santa in December, etc.)
  • Activity books & coloring books geared towards their favorite day
  • Stuffies geared towards the holiday
  • Set-up a mini-celebration half-way-through-the-year

Art & Music

  • Colored pencils
  • Markers
  • Yarn
  • Knitting needles or crochet hook
  • Paint or paint brushes
  • Canvases
  • A gift card to their favorite store
  • Enroll them in a class or get them an hour of lessons
  • Attend an art gallery or concert together
  • Visit an art museum
  • Sheet music
  • Ear buds/headphones
  • Giant craft kit

The list could go on and on and on and on.....seriously there are endless possibilities!


I know how nerve-wracking it is, not wanting to screw up a gift to your Caregiver or little.

That's why we carry Caregiver little space fun packs!

They're totally geared towards specific things littles like, such as:

...and so many other things. They're 100% designed with littles in mind!

Also, I've purchase a couple of DDlg or CGl boxes, and not to knock them, they just weren't my cup of tea. Honestly, most felt like crap ordered from China, and then chucked in a box.

So, I pinky promise you'll never see anything like that coming from my shop. I never break pinky promises.

On top of that, we have holiday-specific boxes, like Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Halloween.

Each one is totally unique, and contains amazingness such as:

  • Coloring books
  • Activity books
  • Crafts and/or craft supplies
  • Stickers
  • Hair accessories
  • Clothing accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Little bags or purses
  • Toys

And, you get to see what's in every single box before you buy. So, no more post-payment disappointment!

One last thing:

If you have something in mind and want me to build a custom box, it would be my HONOR. I seriously love stuff like that!!

Because they're all in the name of littlespace fun, and who doesn't enjoy that? 🙊

Christmas IS just around the corner. So, if you haven't already started your massive wishlist, now's the time!