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51+ Ways to Make Money on the Side for Your Kinky Activities

Play, download, and answer your way to more money in your pocket!

How to Make Money on the Side for Your DDlg & BDSM Activities

It really sucks, doesn’t it? That constant feeling of brokeness a la Kanye West pre-fame? Life’s caving in at a rapid pace, and you’re frozen, unsure of what to do. Scared is just the beginning.

Your life changes right now because you've uncovered some major pirate booty. Discover your new cash cow below! (aka your guide to the best ways to make money on the side 😈)

make side money for your kinky sex life and other BDSM activities
dollar money cat

Lemme tell ya, I’ve been in that broke as hell situation.

And I hated it.

So, I did everything in my power to change my situation to something better.

And ohhh baby, I went through some crap, before I really figured out what actually worked.

My system isn’t anything special or glamorous, but it is legit.

As in:

This shit isn’t a wild goose chase, wasting your time. Everything’s been tested, and you’re golden. If something changes, information will be switched out.

Keep in mind:

Depending on where you live, you may have a higher chance to earn cash for certain types of side hustles.

Another thing to note, you should never be required to input a credit card or personal finance information.

It doesn't matter if it's for focus groups, online surveys, or work from home jobs. Not a single one of those should ever need your info, to jump in on their cash making products and services.

I wanted to share this information with my fellow littles and Caregivers, in case you need to make money on the side.

Maybe you’re gonna treat yourself to something fun—spending cash! Or perhaps it’ll take care of some bills. Whatever the case, these money making opportunities are perfect for those in the DDlg lifestyle.

  • Name of the Things You’ve Definitely Already Heard Of

    When it comes to free money online, there are some names you'll frequently see. They're everywhere--including regular advertisements!

    Peep the list, and take advantage of everything they offer. They're popular for a reason 😉

  • Surveys

    Hands-down, no questions asked, taking surveys is the most popular way to make money online.

    With so many to choose from, how do you know which one’s right? I gotchu, baby.

    These survey platforms are legit. Updates are periodically made, to keep it that way!

  • Quizzes & Tests

    Sometimes ya just wanna have a lotta fun when making some scratch. These methods are downright grin-inducing, they’re so awesome!

    Put your knowledge to the test, crush the competition, and collect some cash!

  • Cash Back Offers

    Whenever you go shopping, you’re almost guaranteed to get money back after you’ve paid! These cash back sites are perfect for piling on the savings, no matter what you’re buying.

  • Save Money With What You’re Already Doing

    Making changes is hard—especially sticking to them! Well, what if you could get extra money, without changing a thing?

    You can!

    Use these methods, in order to keep extra cash, doing exactly what you’re already doing!

  • Complete Tasks

    Completing tasks for businesses has been around for a long time. With phones  and other mobile devices, however, it’s much easier for companies and people to connect.

    They want your opinion, you have one. By sharing your thoughts and feelings via surveys, watching videos, and other online activities, you earn rewards, while having tons of fun!

  • Complete Tasks Requiring a Bit More Effort

    Tasks in the previous section can be done right at home, in the comfort of your jammies. This section, however, focuses on ways to make money, when you leave the house.

    Make some serious cash doing things for businesses.  Do it whenever you want, as long or as short as you want, and only take part in tasks that interest you—a win-win for everyone!

  • Find a Side Gig

    Side gigs definitely require a bit more time and effort, than tasks. And, they’re worth every second.

    Get in on the gig economy, and get greens in your wallet!

  • Sell Stuff

    By far, this is the most popular way (and fastest!) to some serious cash. Most of the time, a garage sale is a great idea….but you really don’t have enough stuff.

    I gotcha, though, with a few awesome places to trade in your old wares for some cold hard cash.

  • Weird Passive Income

    If you want “set-it-and-forget-it” income, then passive income’s the name of the game. And, your car’s about to be a game changer. Nooo, I’m not suggesting you rent it out (although you totally could, if you wanted).

    Instead, you’re gonna be like NASCAR: Slap on some advertisements!

  • Take Care of Pets

    As far as ways for littles to make money go, pets and animals are so so perfect. Well, that’s what this section’s dedicated to: Our favorite furry (and non-furry!) friends!

  • Make Money With Ideas

    You know the bestest thing about littles (and their Caregivers)? Ok, the best thing aside from our cuteness?

    Our brains!

    Littles are super creative, which means they come up with some pretty out-of-the-box ideas. Put that brain power to use, and make that monayyyy.

  • Adultier Things

    I know, I know, talking about adult things isn’t my favorite either.

    But, there are times when it’s advantageous to let your Big-side prevail.

    These money making ideas definitely take a bit of work, time being Big, and planning. The results, though, means more little time, and less stress-y time.

Please keep in mind some of these links may contain affiliate links. All that means is I get a little payment, if you complete certain things. This costs you absolutely nothing. Please see disclaimer below, for more information.

Things You've Probably Heard of

+ -

These guys are well-known for saving you scratch. Anytime you do online shopping through their site, you receive cash back! They often run specials, so keep your eyes peeled when you want to make a big purchase.

Best part?

Here's $10 to spend!

+ -

Ibotta’s the way to slash your grocery bill. All you gotta do is take pics of your receipts, after buying certain things at a big number of places.

Rebates range from $.25 - $5, so you see the savings add up pretty quick. Like, around $130/year (which is apparently what the average user saves!)

Best part?

Get $10 when you sign up!

Code: scqmurc

+ -

These guys are pretty much everywhere. Basically, you earn points when you answer surveys, search online, watch videos, and even when you shop.

Earn on your phone or computer—whatever’s more convenient.

Best part?

Get $10 when you sign up through my link!


Springboard America
+ -

On average, this platform has higher-paying surveys. On the flip side, that means their payout is a bit higher

Prize Rebel
+ -

You can make $10-$12/hour, when you complete surveys or other tasks. Skip the low-paying ones, and you’re golden!

Get your opinion on, and sign up here!

Survey Junkie
+ -

A top name in the Survey World. They connect brands with people, to conduct market research. Be quick though, as some surveys can fill up quickly.

Give Survey Junkie now!

Paid Viewpoint
+ -

Paid Viewpoint differs from these other sites, in that they tend to have a wider selection of surveys available.

Best part?

+ -

If you’re looking for high paying surveys, Respondent is where it’s at. In fact, you can make around $140/hour—seriously!

Of course, you’ll have to participate in interviews on the phone or in-person, depending on the survey. That being said, you can make some serious cash.

Get in on that chunk of change right now!

Quizzes & Games

+ -

Givling’s a super unique app, in that it’s a crowdfunding community, focused on paying off mortgages and student loan debt.

You play a trivia game, for the chance to win a cash prize. Winning’s easy: The team with the most point wins.

Whenever you join in, you’re placed on a 3-person team to answer true/false statements. The more correct answers, the higher your score.

If your team scores the most points, you split the cash prize 3-ways!

Download Giving here!

Use Code: EK57103

MindIt Trivia App
+ -

Earn points or coins for correct answer. Or, grow your bank account with quizzes you create yourself!

Each correct answer gets you .20 points.

Ever 10 points = $.01

You can also try your hand at the daily instant win quiz, for a cool $25 prize.

Satoshi Quiz
+ -

Most quiz moneymaking apps are for cash. Satoshi Quiz awards you with Bitcoin! To win, you must be one of the first 3 people to answer correctly.

60% is awarded to the first user, 30% to the second, and 10% to the third.

+ -

veryone loves quizzes…so much so, you can get paid to make them! Yep—this app’s a bit different, in that you make money making quizzes.

You can sell them or give them away. How much you can sell them for, depends on your rank. You can jump-the-line, though, by purchasing points to rank up faster.

KO Trivia
+ -

When you start a quiz, you’re facing off against other online users. If you answer correctly, you move on. Wrong, and you’re eliminated.

Winner takes home the top prize!

Download K.O. Trivia here!

Total Trivia
+ -

Put your weird knowledge to the test, and win a prize. When you join a game, you’re placed on a team. The team with the most points wins!

….except it’s not the usual prizes. Instead, you can win:

  • Household goods
  • Cameras
  • Tablets
  • Clothes

On top of that, you save money by getting discounts, too!

Download Total Trivia here!

HQ Trivia
+ -

If you’ve heard of a money making quiz app, it’s probably HQ Trivia. You answer 12 multiple choice questions, with 10 seconds each.

They offer 2 quizzes on weekdays, and 1 on the weekends.

Monday - Friday: 3PM & 9 PM EST

Weekends: 9PM EST

If you win, you split the jackpot with other winners. If nobody wins, it rolls into the next game.

Save yourself by inviting friends, and getting extra lives.

Perk Pop Quiz
+ -

Take quizzes, earn points, redeem rewards, and enter into the daily cash drawing!

Download Perk Pop Quiz for iPhones!

Download Perk Pop Quiz for Androids!

Use code: 1a8c9b6e

Wealth Words
+ -

If you’re more of a word-y person, than a trivia lover, then Wealth Words is perfect for your mobile money making.

Simply play crossword puzzles, for your chance to win cash prizes!

Use Promo Code: clubMTIzOTc=

Cash Back Offers

Top Cash Back Offers
+ -

Head to the online portal, make your purchase, and watch the dollars flow into your cash back account.

Best part?

You get $10 when you sign up!

Be Frugal
+ -

With more than 5,000-stores to shop at, you’re sure to reap the savings and, well, Be Frugal. Or, if you prefer gift cards, you have that choice, too. (Along with a check!)

Best part?

You get $10 when you sign up!

+ -

nstead of shopping through a website portal, Dosh is set-it-and-forget-it. Hook it up to your card, and the savings automatically flow in.

With 7-10% savings when you eat out, or spoil yourself with a night at a hotel, you’re getting a pretty penny back!

Best part?

You get $5 when you download & link your card!

Use code: EDK6

+ -

Similar to Dosh, Drop also connects to your bank cards. Another set-and-earn method, to get cash back, without thinking about it.

+ -

If you wanna stack that cash, Rakuten’s where you need to be. They offer everyday cash back savings, while spotlighting some insanely hot deals. Check back often, if you shop big name stores.

Best part?

You get $10 when you sign up!

+ -

Wanna save money on date nights, without even thinking about it? Seated’s where it’s at.

Find the place you wanna eat, book the reservation through the app, and BOOM: Instant savings.

Jump on the savings and download Seated!

Receipt Hog
+ -

Like Ibotta, Receipt Hog is another grocery savings app. Every time you go grocery shopping, snap a pic of your receipt, and claim anything you qualify for.

It’s super duper easy!

Download Receipt Hog here.

Berry Cart
+ -

While many of the receipt cash back apps offer healthy options, none are as robust as Berry Cart. If you shop organic, non-GMO, all-natural food, then this is the rebate app for you.

Get paid via PayPal or Gift Cards.

Download BerryCart & start healthy savings!

Checkout 51
+ -

Where Checkout 51 differs from the other receipt rebate apps, is the fact that you can claim more than 1 item. Other apps only give you cash back for 1 item—even if you bought more. Checkout 51 lets you claim up-to-5!

On top of that, the more you use the app, the better your rebates become. Additionally, you’ll get access to “Choose Your Own Offer”, so you can save on whatever the heck you want.

Submit your offers by Wednesday each week, and you’ll get a “bonus” on Friday. It changes each week.

All offers reset on Thursdays, which is why you wanna get your stuff in by Wednesday!

Best part?

You get $1 when you sign up!

Download Checkout51 here!

Fetch Rewards
+ -

Unlike a lot of the other apps, Fetch Rewards lets you choose Gift Cards to a bunch of different stores. And cash outs are pretty low, at $3!

Just buy, snap a receipt pic, and earn points! Or, buy directly through the app, to skip the first step.

Best part?

Get $2 when you sign up, using code QEJCP!

Use code: QEJCP

Saving Star
+ -

Most rebate apps require you to scan and upload your receipts. SavingStar, however, hooks right up to your loyalty cards (if you want)!

Plus, you’ll get regular offers, and ones that are totally tailored to you, including one-or-many, which lets you use them over-and-over.

Cash out at $5, and get new offers on Thursdays and Sundays!

Download SavingStar here!

Receipt Pal
+ -

Receipt Pal’s got a really awesome feature: Hook it up to your Amazon account, and it’ll upload online receipts automatically. Otherwise, just snap a pic, and redeem an offer.

Get 5 100-point cards when you sign up. You’ll get more every Sunday at noon.

Submit as many receipts as you want every week. If you submit extras, you’re entered for a sweepstakes—2 entries for each one!

Get your entries in ASAP & download ReceiptPal!

+ -

Most of these platforms have a set rebate you earn. CoinOut,, however, gives you a random reward between $.15-$.50 with every uploaded receipt.

You can earn additional points through shopping with certain merchants.

Get cash directly into your bank account or opt for a Gift card, with no cash out minimum!

Try your luck & download CoinOut!

+ -

Like Berry Cart, Makeena’s geared towards healthier grocery choices, leaning heavily on produce. While many items are organic, there are times “organic” isn’t specified.

Some offers are limited, however, so if you see a great offer, put together your list and jump on it.

Get paid via Venmo or PayPal!

Best part?

Get $1 just for signing up, when you use code MSQLYE!

Use code: MSQLYE for $1 sign up bonus!

+ -

Use Affinityy’s shopping portal, in order to get some serious savings. Clicking from Affinityy to the retailer activates a code in their shopping cart system, which automatically shows up with a qualifying purchase.

Best part?

Get $20 when you sign up!

(Want even more money? Just download their plugin once you sign up, for $3 more, by installing their Chrome Extension. Simply remove it once installed, and you get to keep your money!)

+ -

Like Ebates, Affinityy, and BeFrugal, ExtraBux is another awesome cash back website.

Best part?

Get $20 when you sign up!

Dollar Dig
+ -

Yet another awesome cash back site, with connections to more-than-3,000 stores.

Best part?

Get $2.50 when you sign up!

Things You Already Do

+ -

Have you ever signed up for a subscription or service, and completely forgot about it? Then paid for it for some ungodly amount of time? That’s what Trim’s for. It helps you:

  • Negotiate better utility deals, like Internet
  • Getting additional cash back, when prices drop on things you bought

Get it set up in 2-minutes, and shave the savings in seconds!

Give Trim a try here.

+ -

You probably have a cell phone. While the phone’s expensive, the monthly plan is what really gets ya. On top of that, you’re likely locked into a plan, and don’t have a choice otherwise.

What if you could slash the cash leaving your account, for a phone bill? You can, with Ting!

If you live in a populated area (or even semi-populated area), seriously consider making the switch. Save a boatload of money….like hundreds each year.

Best part?

Get $25 off your first bill!

+ -

Did you know if you buy something from most stores, they’ll literally give you money back, if the prices lowers within a certain amount of time? Awesome, right?

But, that sounds like a job in of itself, keeping track of price changes of everything you buy. That’s where Paribus steps in: They scan your inbox for receipts, and monitor any price drops.

If they spot something, they’ll do their best to get you the refund, based on the store’s price protection policy. AKA money-saving, without thinking about it!

Chime Banking
+ -

Chime’s technically a cash back app, but it takes things a step further: It connects directly to your bank account.

On the flip side, it acts as an online-only bank. You will:

  • Never pay stupid fees again (months or otherwise!)
  • Never have to maintain a minimum balance (hello $1-and-under!)
  • Begin saving money, with an optional savings account

Best part?

You get a whopping $50 sign up bonus!

Complete Online Tasks

Inbox Dollars
+ -

When it comes to task sites, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Inbox Dollars. Like Swaybacks, these guys have been around for years, and maintained a legitimate presence the whole time.

You can earn right on your phone by:

  • Reading emails
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Online shopping

Best part?

Get $5, just for signing up!

+ -

If you’re an international little or Caregiver, get ready to scream with excitement! With Spare5, you can make money from almost anywhere. Whether you live abroad, or are simply traveling, you’re almost always able to make some spare cash.

The vast majority of tasks are super short and easy. In fact, the first task asks you to complete your profile information, and reward you with your first bonus!

Some other potential tasks include:

  • Captioning a funny image
  • Listening to audio
  • Describing a scene from a movie

While the tasks tend to be seriously random, the more you complete, the faster you’ll receive new ones!

Start earning with Spare5 today!

Money Machine
+ -

Many of the best task apps provide many offers to earn points. Where Money Machine differs is that they’ll actually notify you, when you get new ones!

You’ll earn by:

  • Completing surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Doing other small tasks

When you’re eligible to cash out, get paid via PayPal!

Give Money Machine a try right now!

Please note: This app is available only for Androids.

Grab Points
+ -

Most task rewards websites offer the same things for you to earn points. These include surveys and watching videos.

  • Grab Points, however, differs in that there are:
  • Offer walls: Complete a series of tasks, for a specific company
  • Ability to complete offers: Sign up for trials, accounts, and enter in sweepstakes
  • Download apps: Types can include games, travel apps, and more
  • Referrals for friends: Depending on where your friends are located, you get loads of points for each friend you bring on board!

Best part?

Get $5 just for signing up!

Complete Tasks Requiring a Bit More Effort

Job Spotter
+ -

If you hate the idea of interacting with people, then you need this out-and-about way to make money.

You just have to do one thing: Walk around and take pics of help wanted signs.

You earn points for each one you upload, and can cash out starting with just a $1 gift card to Amazon!

Give Job Spotter a try here.

Gig Walker
+ -

Individuals and businesses, alike, need to hire out help. They post projects or tasks on the site, where you can apply for the gig.

When you’re accepted, complete the task, mark it done, and get paid—sometimes in 36-hours or less! While many gigs are $5 each, there are some insanely lucrative ones to be had.

Keep your eyes peeled, ensure you’ll do it quickly, and jump on what looks interesting!

Try Gig Walker here.

Field Agent
+ -

As far as task mobile apps go, Field Agent is arguably the most well known. They provide solid compensation, with tasks ranging between $3-12 each.

If you’re already in the area, knocking out a few tasks is really easy. They potentially include:

  • Snapping a pic of a display
  • Asking a question
  • Checking for specific products

In any event, you can make some nice money, if you dedicate just a bit of time!

Field Agent's an awesome way to boost your cash. Try it today!

Shop Kick
+ -

Rebates with a twist. Instead of just buying things and uploading receipts, Shopkick rewards you for visiting stores and scanning items, too.

Earn kicks (aka points), when you perform tasks. When you reach 2,500 kicks, you can redeem them for $10 gift cards!

Best part?

Get 250 points free, when you sign up with code YAY240406!

Use code: YAY240406 for a 250 free point bonus!


Best Mark
+ -

If you’ve ever worked retail or restaurants, you likely know what a Mystery Shopper is. These people come in, evaluate the business, and report back.

BestMark is one of those companies. They hire people to perform “anonymous” shopping tasks, and gather data about customers and their spending habits.

While mystery shopping is the only way to make money, the assignments vary widely, oftentimes with different requirements, and parameters. Sometimes you do have to spend money, but you’re always reimbursed for anything spent, plus your regular compensation.

Make up-to-$20/hour, browsing your favorite stores!

Give Best Mark mystery shopping a try today.

Fare Fetch
+ -

We all have some relatively weird skills. Some of us can tie knots with a cherry stem, while others can write with both hands. Got super good finding deals skills? Then this is the gig for you.

If you’ve ever tried searching for travel plans on a search engine, you realize how disconnected the process is…which means you see loads of different prices. That’s what this service does: Employ humans to search for flights.

No more garbage results because they’re optimized for the search engine. This app provides you with the best deals on flights, as found by other people.

Make a solid $20-$30/hour.

Find those flights, get money in the bank, with Fare Fetch.

Slice the Pie
+ -

While many task apps are after opinions and reviews, Slice the Pie takes it a step further: With music.

As a user, you listen to tracks, to identify new up-and-coming artists. Then, you provide a review containing your thoughts, and submit it.

A few years ago, they expanded into other categories, like fashion, phone accessories, and more. So, your money-making opportunities are seemingly endless!

Share your opinions for cash, with Slice the Pie!

Use code: U054F8C8

User Testing
+ -

Any time someone creates a website, it needs to undergo thorough testing. Instead of doing it themselves, people hire out.

With User Testing, you can give your input on:

  • Shopping portals
  • Apps
  • Websites

You’ll download a special software, which utilizes the microphone and webcam. It tracks your facial expressions, eye movements, Mose movements, and more.

Keep on it, though, because jobs get snapped up quickly. Make $10 for a quick 20-minutes of work!

+ -

If you’re a fan of tracking your steps, or just want an easy workout motivator, then Sweatcoin is for you. This app literally pays you to walk!

Keep the app running in the background, and it’ll count your steps. For every 1,000, you earn .95 sweat coins, which you can trade in for awesome prizes, like an iPhone XS, cash, or gift cards!

You’ll collect a solid amount of coins with the free amount. But if you upgrade, you’ll accelerate the rate you earn. And, you don’t have to use physical money! Simply turn in some of the sweatcoins you earn, and you can upgrade.

In addition to walking, you can earn via:

  • Daily offers
  • Marathon offers

Combined with walking, and you’ll be earning in no time!

Walk your way to a fat wallet & download Sweatcoin!

+ -

Similar to Job Spottr, you’re snapping pics. Where it differs, however, is that you’re not just after “Help Wanted” signs. Instead, you’re verifying online listing information.

Potential jobs include looking at:

  • Vacant lots
  • Rental properties
  • Ebay listings
  • Cars

All you do is take a picture, verify the listing’s accuracy, and report back with your findings! Easy peasy.

Give WeGoLook a go today!

Pay Your Selfie
+ -

Love taking selfies? Get money snapping them. Seriously!

Pay Your Selfie literally pays you to snap pics of yourself, send them in, and receive new tasks. They want to understand who you are, so they can provide more tailored ads.

Tasks include things like taking a picture of your worst pair of jeans. From there, they’ll analyze the image and provide any applicable coupons and discounts, in addition to getting paid for each task.

Oh! Make your first $1 the second you download it!

Get your selfie on & download PayYourSelfie now.

(Note: Unfortunately, this awesome app isn't available in the US 🙁 )

Small Business Knowledge
+ -

You ever realize how much freakin’ junk mail you get, every single day? I’m not just talking about physical letters—emails, too! Too much to consider, right?

Small Business Knowledge wants to know what you receive, so they can understand trends and effectiveness of random mail. And they’ll literally pay you to send it to them!

Straight up! You get compensated for giving them your junk mail and emails. Plus, you can earn additional points for participating in random opportunities, to further boost your earnings.

Literally get paid for your junk. Get started at Small Business Knowledge Center here!

Pick Up a Gig

Task Rabbit
+ -

As far as side gig apps go, Task Rabbit is one of the most well-known. Unlike other task apps, these jobs are more robust. While they take more time, they definitely pay more, too.

Potential jobs can include:

  • Assembling furniture
  • Running errands
  • Local temp help
  • Virtual assistance

Just as the tasks vary widely, so does the compensation. While many tasks are around $10 - $15/hour, it’s not uncommon to see ones running at $100/hour.

Whether you have handyman skills, computer skills, or something else, Task Rabbit is a nice little cash boost.

Give it a shot & make some real side cash!

Gig Salad
+ -

Gig Salad stands out, thanks to its focus on the event industry. That means everything from caterers, DJs, bartenders, and photo both rentals, to all-things-wedding.

But don’t think you’re unqualified! There are gigs geared towards:

  • Bands & musicians (string ensembles, mariachi bands, and more!)
  • Actors, comedians, impersonators, & speakers
  • Kids party entertainers (clowns, face painting, balloon blowers, and more!)
  • Unique talents (caricature drawers, mimes, tarot readers, and more!)

Basically, if you can entertain people, you’ll find something here!

Get your gig on & sign up with GigSalad!


Become a Stitch Fix Stylist
+ -

This is actually more of a part-time gig! But, if you’ve got an eye-for-fashion, then this is absolutely something to consider.

If you haven’t heard of it, Stitch Fix is a monthly box, where they send clothes, accessories, & shoes, completely personalized to your style. Who does the styling? Well, people like you!

They hire stylists who can dress people well, and select awesome pieces. Give it a shot, if you’re interested in something more consistent! 

Start your Stitch Fix stylist application here.

(If you're more of a shopper, get $25-off your first box!)

+ -

If you've ever done any type of gig or freelancing, there's a good chance you've heard of Fiverr.

These guys stand out, in that they allow people to post gigs for as-low-as-$5 (and up to wayyyyyy more!)

Unlike other freelancing sites, though, they have loads of weird gigs. Everything from wearing a t-shirt to advertise an event, to drawing coloring books, there's something for literally any talent.

It's pretty easy to snag a gig, as long as you're clear about what you're selling, and write a good description.

Of course, if you're looking for help with just about anything online, then you can hire people, too.

Fiverr's definitely one of my favorite gig sites of all-time!

Sign up here & get your giggin' on.

Sell Stuff

Book Scouter
+ -

You probably know this, but if you don’t: Books are an expensive business—especially college textbooks! Luckily, there’s a way you can cash in on it! Book Scouter is the only app you need.

It’s a totally free app, where you discover what books are worth. Whether those books are in your own collection, or you snag them from garage sales and libraries, there’s money to be made.

Search, set aside, and see the cents and dollars flow your way!

Try your hand at BookScouter today!

+ -

I’ll admit it—I collect wayyyyy to much stuff. If you’re like me, you seriously need to clean out all the closets That’s where Decluttr comes in.

Instead of the ol’ scan-and-upload method you see on sites like Ebay, you actually scan them in! The app then spits out a price for everything, and you pack everything into a box, to ship it. Of course, they cover shipping!

While you’ll probably make more piecing everything out, this cuts down on time, to much faster money!

Best part?

Get $5 when you sign up!

+ -

You might’ve heard of Mercari through a friend, commercial, or some other avenue. Basically, you upload your stuff, set a price, and sell it. Unlike Ebay, the whole process is way more streamlined—and way less competition.

While clothing, jewelry, and accessories make up a large portion of listings, there are loads of other thriving categories. This is by far one of my favorite ways to sell things online!

Best part?

You get $10 when you sign up through my link!

OfferUp & LetGo
+ -

These apps function like Mercari. Where they differ is they delivery methods. Mercari requires shipping, while OfferUp and Let Go are in-person apps.

While they’re similar to Craigslist, they eliminate a lot of the weirdness of the app.

So, if you’ve got stuff to sell and prefer to do it locally, check out these apps!

Give OfferUp a try.

Take a shot at LetGo.

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In the section covering Mercari, I mentioned that clothing and accessories are popular. Well, there’s another platform actually dedicated to fashion: Poshmark.

The two function differently, but provide the same thing: The ability to make money cleaning out your closet!

It’s as simple as snapping pics, writing a short description, and posting the listing. Upload, sell,  profit!

Best part?

Score $5 just for signing up, when you use code EDENTLBS!

Use code: EDENTLBS for $5 sign up bonus!

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You might’ve heard of BuyBackWorld. If not, it’s a place to profit off of old electronics. Yes, that definitely means phones. But, it also includes other things like tablets, music players, computers, and more!

While you might make slightly more money selling your electronics in-person, BuyBackWorld makes your life easy. Just ship, and they’ll sell and send your payment—seriously, so simple.

Make extra cash by selling your old phones, and sign up with BuyBackWorld

Sell Your Trees
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As far as creative money making opportunities go, this is definitely one of the fringier ones. If you’ve got trees you want removed, sell them, rather than paying someone to take them away.

Once you qualify, you’re paid before the job even starts. From there, they’ll take them down, remove them from your property, and you do the happy money dance!

Give SellYourTrees a whirl--you might end up with some serious scratch!

Weird Passive Income Opportunities

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With Wrapify, your car’s covered with a massive ad. You make money, based on how far you drive.

On average, Wrapify users can earn $50-$100/week, in a busy area.

A cool $200-$400/month, just for driving around? Heck yeah!

Try your hand at a wrapped car, and sign up with Wrapify

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Depending on the type of car you drive, along with how many miles you drive each month, you could qualify to work with Carvertise.

Earn between $300-$650/campaign.

See how well Carvertise works for your wallet!

Take Care of Pets

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 If you have a pet, you know how much it suck to leave them, when you’re out of town. Having someone you trust, though, makes it slightly-less-sucky. That’s where Rover steps in.

They pair owners with pet sitters—like AirBNB for dogs! You set your availability and rates, and the app handles everything else.

Make $20-$60/night, depending on how often you can pet sit. Or, try your hand at their dog walking or doggy day care services!

People love their pets. Put people’s minds at ease, and play with pets, to pad your wallet!

Start playing with puppies...errr making money...

Best part?

You get $20 just for signing up!

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Dog walking is Wag’s specialty. Like with pet sitting, scheduling walks is another thing pet owners want someone they can rely on.

You can make $25/hour, simply hanging out with doggies all-day!

Best part?

Get $20 just for signing up!

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If you’re more of a cat person, then Meowtel’s right up your alley. Set up a hotel for cats (well, not literally!), and provide a place for felines when their owners go out of town.

Best part?

Get $15 when you use code EK062134 to sign up!

Use code: EK062134 for $15 sign up bonus!

Use Your Brain Power

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Big corporate companies head to MindSumo, to ask for your input about a boat load of stuff. With hefty prizes, from $550-$1,000+, you’re compensated heavily for your brilliance.

Some of the questions I saw were, “What’s your idea for reducing cigarette butt litter?” And “Can you create a unique storage solution, within a cabinet?”

Put your ideas out there—you’ll be rewarded handily, if you’re picked!

Give MindSumo a shot, for a chance at some serious cash!

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Brands and companies need extra brain power, when it comes to naming things and selecting taglines. They turn to SquadHelp, for just that reason.

Browse the contests, and you’ll see loads of stars, like Lush, Starburst, and Rentlemen, you’re looking at some serious bucks.

Get your thinking cap on and earn big with SquadHelp!

Naming Force
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Another crowdsourced naming service, focusing on just names.

They offer an air of exclusivity, in that you must be a “namer”, in order to see the available contests!

Try your hand at NamingForce!

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This crowdsourced naming platform is a bit different. Instead of posting a contest and selecting a single winner, you participate in smaller contests to earn points.

For just a few hours work, you can earn $300+/month.

Try Namestation now!

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This platform focuses on the science, math, and engineering sides of things. So, if you’re into hard data, or science, consider looking at the problems.

Their rewards are quite high, if you’ve got the right skillset!

Give Innocentive a shot, for your chance at huge prizes!

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If you’ve had an awesome idea or invention floating around in your brain, Quirky’s the place to bring it to life. After submitting it, they’ll completely build out a real product, if it’s selected.

Once people start buying it, you’ll rake in the funds. It’s more-or-less a shortcut to getting your brilliant ideas onto the market!

Watch your invention go from imagination to real life, when you submit something to Quirky!

Adultier Things

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Savings accounts are a super awesome way to make money, without thinking about it. With Twitch, you earn a nice return, just for keeping your money there.

What’s more, is you can set up funds aka money saving goals! Basically, you can set up vacation funds, moving funds, and more.

Best part?

You get $20 just for signing up and putting money towards your first fund!

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I know, investing sounds super scary. But it doesn’t have to be! Robinhood—the app, not the person—is the perfect introduction into this adult-y thing.

You manage a stock portfolio right from your phone! And if you wanna trade something, there’s zero commission.

Best part?

You get a 100% free stock just for signing up! You could get something as valuable, as Apple stock!

We Bull
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Another stock trading app, with free trades. It’s got more in-depth analysis and reporting features, than Robinhood.

They offer some solid promotions, so you can pad your portfolio pretty easily.

Best part?

You get a 100% free stock, just for signing up!

Saver Life
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They say you gotta spend money, to make money. Well, this app saves money…to save you more money! It literally rewards you with cash, for saving your own money.

Waboom—literally so easy.

Get that free money now!

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If you’ve heard of any investment app, it’s probably Stash. It’s an awesome app for beginners because there are loads of tools to help you learn about investing wisely.

Select the strategy that best suits your goals and interests and Stash points you in the right direction.

Best part?

Get $5, just for signing up!

10 More Ways to Make Quick Cash!

And there you have it, my kinky friends! A giant list of ways to make money on the side. 

They're 100% geared towards the CGl and BDSM lifestyle.

Cash in on these opportunities, and feel that grin grow!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click them to make a purchase or complete a certain action, I will earn a commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.