51+ Ways to Make Money on the Side for Your Kinky Activities

Play, download, and answer your way to more money in your pocket!

How to Make Money on the Side for Your DDlg & BDSM Activities

It really sucks, doesn’t it? That constant feeling of brokeness a la Kanye West pre-fame? Life’s caving in at a rapid pace, and you’re frozen, unsure of what to do. Scared is just the beginning.

Your life changes right now because you've uncovered some major pirate booty. Discover your new cash cow below! (aka your guide to the best ways to make money on the side 😈)

make side money for your kinky sex life and other BDSM activities
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Lemme tell ya, I’ve been in that broke as hell situation.

And I hated it.

So, I did everything in my power to change my situation to something better.

And ohhh baby, I went through some crap, before I really figured out what actually worked.

My system isn’t anything special or glamorous, but it is legit.

As in:

This shit isn’t a wild goose chase, wasting your time. Everything’s been tested, and you’re golden. If something changes, information will be switched out.

Keep in mind:

Depending on where you live, you may have a higher chance to earn cash for certain types of side hustles.

Another thing to note, you should never be required to input a credit card or personal finance information.

It doesn't matter if it's for focus groups, online surveys, or work from home jobs. Not a single one of those should ever need your info, to jump in on their cash making products and services.

I wanted to share this information with my fellow littles and Caregivers, in case you need to make money on the side.

Maybe you’re gonna treat yourself to something fun—spending cash! Or perhaps it’ll take care of some bills. Whatever the case, these money making opportunities are perfect for those in the DDlg lifestyle.

  • Name of the Things You’ve Definitely Already Heard Of

    When it comes to free money online, there are some names you'll frequently see. They're everywhere--including regular advertisements!

    Peep the list, and take advantage of everything they offer. They're popular for a reason 😉

  • Surveys

    Hands-down, no questions asked, taking surveys is the most popular way to make money online.

    With so many to choose from, how do you know which one’s right? I gotchu, baby.

    These survey platforms are legit. Updates are periodically made, to keep it that way!

  • Quizzes & Tests

    Sometimes ya just wanna have a lotta fun when making some scratch. These methods are downright grin-inducing, they’re so awesome!

    Put your knowledge to the test, crush the competition, and collect some cash!

  • Cash Back Offers

    Whenever you go shopping, you’re almost guaranteed to get money back after you’ve paid! These cash back sites are perfect for piling on the savings, no matter what you’re buying.

  • Save Money With What You’re Already Doing

    Making changes is hard—especially sticking to them! Well, what if you could get extra money, without changing a thing?

    You can!

    Use these methods, in order to keep extra cash, doing exactly what you’re already doing!

  • Complete Tasks

    Completing tasks for businesses has been around for a long time. With phones  and other mobile devices, however, it’s much easier for companies and people to connect.

    They want your opinion, you have one. By sharing your thoughts and feelings via surveys, watching videos, and other online activities, you earn rewards, while having tons of fun!

  • Complete Tasks Requiring a Bit More Effort

    Tasks in the previous section can be done right at home, in the comfort of your jammies. This section, however, focuses on ways to make money, when you leave the house.

    Make some serious cash doing things for businesses.  Do it whenever you want, as long or as short as you want, and only take part in tasks that interest you—a win-win for everyone!

  • Find a Side Gig

    Side gigs definitely require a bit more time and effort, than tasks. And, they’re worth every second.

    Get in on the gig economy, and get greens in your wallet!

  • Sell Stuff

    By far, this is the most popular way (and fastest!) to some serious cash. Most of the time, a garage sale is a great idea….but you really don’t have enough stuff.

    I gotcha, though, with a few awesome places to trade in your old wares for some cold hard cash.

  • Weird Passive Income

    If you want “set-it-and-forget-it” income, then passive income’s the name of the game. And, your car’s about to be a game changer. Nooo, I’m not suggesting you rent it out (although you totally could, if you wanted).

    Instead, you’re gonna be like NASCAR: Slap on some advertisements!

  • Take Care of Pets

    As far as ways for littles to make money go, pets and animals are so so perfect. Well, that’s what this section’s dedicated to: Our favorite furry (and non-furry!) friends!

  • Make Money With Ideas

    You know the bestest thing about littles (and their Caregivers)? Ok, the best thing aside from our cuteness?

    Our brains!

    Littles are super creative, which means they come up with some pretty out-of-the-box ideas. Put that brain power to use, and make that monayyyy.

  • Adultier Things

    I know, I know, talking about adult things isn’t my favorite either.

    But, there are times when it’s advantageous to let your Big-side prevail.

    These money making ideas definitely take a bit of work, time being Big, and planning. The results, though, means more little time, and less stress-y time.

Please keep in mind some of these links may contain affiliate links. All that means is I get a little payment, if you complete certain things. This costs you absolutely nothing. Please see disclaimer below, for more information.

Things You've Probably Heard of


Quizzes & Games

Cash Back Offers

Things You Already Do

Complete Online Tasks

Complete Tasks Requiring a Bit More Effort

Pick Up a Gig

Sell Stuff

Weird Passive Income Opportunities

Take Care of Pets

Use Your Brain Power

Adultier Things

10 More Ways to Make Quick Cash!

And there you have it, my kinky friends! A giant list of ways to make money on the side. 

They're 100% geared towards the CGl and BDSM lifestyle.

Cash in on these opportunities, and feel that grin grow!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click them to make a purchase or complete a certain action, I will earn a commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.