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The Big Ass List of Mommy Dom Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

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Mother's Day is just around-the-corner and you don't want to leave your Mommy Dom gift until the last stinkin' second!

Instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut-off, use our list of the best Mommy Dom gift ideas to find the perfect one.

Here's the thing:

Mommies like different things.

That means pink, girly, and feminine aren't always the best choice...even if lots of Mommy Doms DO like those things.

So, this gift list covers all-kinds-of-Mommies, from the sporty and athletic, to the girl and creepy cute, and everything in between!

Of course, not all gifts are *ahem* appropriate outside of the bedroom. That's why you'll find this list broken into 3 parts:

Non-sexual gifts, sexual gifts, and activity gifts.

Each category breaks down into further sub-categories, to make your life easy peasy.

You ready? Let's get to it!

Mommy Dom Gift Ideas That Aren't Naughty

Making your own Mommy Dom gift is a sure-fire way to melt your Mommy's heart.

After all, what's more adorable than a homemade gift from a little or Middle?

Nothing...NOTHING, I tell you! *shakes fist excitedly!*

Ok, there probably are some things more adorable, but DIY is heartwarming AF, so we're going with it 💁🏻

Without further ado, here's the list of gifts you can make for Mommy Doms!

DIY Gifts to Give From the Bottom-of-Your-Heart

Color a picture: Littles and middles are known for their amazing coloring skills. Why not color a picture (or 3!) for her?

Record a video, featuring your favorite memories: Put together a slide show of pictures and put it to music, or edit video clips together. Narrate it, for extra specialness! Take it up a notch and record yourself talking about those memories.

Knit or crochet something: Go wild with something fun and new, or stick to their favorite colors

Make a no-sew blanket with fleece fabric: All it takes is a few yards of fleece and couple hours of your time. (Check out this tutorial!)

Scrapbook all your favorite memories: It doesn't have to be super long. Just pick a few of the best pics & make it work, a la Tim Gunn (Get scrapbooking ideas here!)

Create a photo collage or shadow box: Similar to scrapbooking, just a different medium. Get all your favorite pics together to design something digitally, or with some good ol'-fashioned scissors & paste.

Put together a reasons why I love you book: Fill up a blank book or bind pages together with brads, string, or something else. Or get your designer hat on and make something official on Snapfish (they're always running deals), or another printing company.

Design a homemade card: Use magazines, glitter, buttons & other supplies to spice it up! Then write a sweet message inside (Get ideas here)

Use your artistic skills: Whether you enjoy painting, drawing, or graphic art, create an amazing, unique piece your Mommy will love

Paint a canvas: Even if you're not an artist, painting is FUN! Any size canvas will do--just add paint. It's like the next step in art, for littles and middles

Write a story, poem, or letter: If words are more your thing, then get them out there so your Mommy can hear. Write something by-hand, type it up, or even record audio of you reading it aloud!

Perform a song you wrote for her: Mushy gushy, ooey-gooey love songs make Mommies melt. Parodies make them giggle. Ballads can make them bawl. Choose your flavor, then perform in-person or on audio/video

Cook favorite meal or favorite dessert: Food is the window to the soul! that's eyes. Either way, fill her tummy with yummies and she'll be super duper happy

Bake her something delicious: Whether you should be a contestant on The Great British Baking Show or are brand spankin' new, desserts are always a yes. Bake sugar cookies and make cute designs, for an easy treat!

Create a bucket list of all the things you want to do together: There's something super special about knowing your partner wants to do all-the-things with you. List out all of "your things" you want to do together

Make a date night jar: Instead of trying to come up with new ideas every time, put together a jar of date ideas so they can choose something new for you to do (Snag a giant list of Caregiver little dates, to make your job easier!)

Gifts Mommies Love That You Can Grab at a Store

Clothes, Shoes, & Accessories

  • Dress (Evening gown, sun dress, etc.)
  • Top (Tank top, graphic tee, something unique, etc.)
  • Bottom (Skirt, jeans, leggings, athletic shorts, etc.)
  • Shoes (Heels/wedges, boots, sandals, slip-ons, etc.)
  • Socks (Fuzzy/soft, cute, funny, custom, etc.)
  • Slippers/house shoes (Indoor or outdoor)
  • Jewelry (Ring, anklet, bracelet, earrings, other piercing replacements, etc.)
  • Other accessories (Scarf, boot socks, hats, headbands, etc.)
  • Shopping spree to their favorite store (it's more fun to say than a gift card)

Tickets to an Event

  • Concert/festival/show
  • Convention
  • Fair
  • Play
  • Musical
  • Midnight showing of a movie
  • Traveling exhibit at a museum
  • Author talk or book signing
  • Art or other creative class
  • Yoga, dance, or other athletic class
  • Sporting event
  • Racing event

Things at a Store

  • New book from a favorite author or series
  • Book signed by their favorite author
  • Special edition/director's cut of their favorite movie
  • Original movie poster of their favorite movie
  • Kitchen aid (Women love that shit lol)
  • Board game/card game
  • Activity or kit you can do together
  • Anything for their favorite hobby, (Art supplies, sports equipment, cooking utensils, etc.)
  • A Build-a-Bear sprayed with your personal scent (Yes--Mommies love stuffies, too!)
  • Gym, yoga, or other exercise equipment they've specifically mentioned
  • A pass or membership to a new gym/class they've wanted to try
  • Flowers & chocolates (cliche, but great if your Mommmy loves them!)
  • Candles/wax melts (Another cliche, but, like they're amazing)
  • Makeup or skin care
  • Create a spa kit with their favorite products (Face mask, bath bomb, scrub, etc.)
  • Bong, bowl, or other glass
  • Edibles, green, concentrates, or other 420-products
  • Special bottle of wine, beer, or liquor

Things Other People Make

  • Star map of an important day (Their birthday, your anniversary, etc.)
  • Commission a piece of art (From a favorite artist or someone who can bring your vision to life)
  • Hire a cleaning service
  • Engraved drinking glasses (Wine, champagne, whiskey, etc.)
  • Subscribe to a meal delivery service
  • Take care of their Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming service for a year (or whatever time you choose)

Other Ideas

  • Money towards something (Tattoo, vacation, restoration project, etc.)
  • Plan a mini weekend trip (Road trip, fly, or a staycation!)

Hot Ass Gifts to Give Your Mommy Dom

Not all littles or middles are sexual....but many of them are.

That means Mommy wants to see her baby all sexy and stuff 😈

So, if you fall into the category of little horndog, then you've found the right section.

Opt for something homemade or buy from a store--the choice is yours!

Either way, this list of Mommy Dom gift ideas is sex-tacular.

The Best Sexy Gifts You Can Make With Your Own 2 Hands

  • Take some sexy ass pics (whatever that means to you!)
  • Film & edit a naughty video (you can even watch together 😱)
  • Get a camera set-up and make a video together (only if you know she's cool with it, too)
  • Open your toy chest & get all the supplies together to play our one of her fantasies (make sure to dress the part!)
  • Try that thing she's been wanting to try (only if you're comfortable!)
  • Hand yourself over to do whatever she wants, as her slave for the day
  • Make yourself the gift & wrap yourself in a big, fancy bow
  • Design dirty coupons for her to use whenever (or grab some pre-made ones, too!)
  • Write her an erotic story (and read it together)
  • Create a naughty poem for her
  • Take one of your favorite nudes & turn it into a piece of art

Dirty Gifts You Can Buy as Mommy's little You-Know-What

Lingerie: For her, for you...or both of you! Think matching bra and panties, her favorite cut (teddy, babydoll, etc.), a specific color or fabric

New dildo or vibrator: Nothing spices it up like a new toy, like a rabbit, clit vibrator, or other toy...especially if you're in a long-distance relationship

Nipple clamps or stimulator: Or go low-budget, high-pain with some clothes pins. Omg.

Anal toys: Think butt plug, beads, or other booty-specific toys

Porn: Watch it together or for her alone time. Bonus if it's from a favorite performer. Double-bonus if you get a custom made.

General bondage equipment: Think cuffs-of-any-kind, under-bed restraints, etc.

New shibari supplies: Depending on what you already have, consider a Single hank from a new place, a full-on rope kit, rope wax to finish your own rope, etc.

Vegan BDSM toys: Like many things, finding truly-vegan bondage gear is a freakin' task. Feeling the same pinch, we offer an amazing selection of vegan rope & other BDSM supplies.

Lube: Upgrade your stash. Try a new flavor (read the reviews first! Oh god nasty lube is just... 🤢). Get something fancy and fun.

A collar: Grab a new one for playtime, or find the perfect day-wear one

Strap-on equipment: Whether it's a new harness, new dildo, or new set-up, strap-in for a wild ride

Bluetooth sex toy: Some are made for close-range, while others go-the-distance, you can get one for her to use on you, or you to use on her!

Chastity equipment: Nothing quite screams sadistic in an MDlg or MDlb dynamic, quite like a chastity belt belt or cage

Edible panties: Just make sure it's not a nasty flavor 😹

Paddles: Even if you have one, it's ok because every paddle provides a different experience. Some are thuddy. Some sting. Some do both.

Other spanking implements: Impact play isn't limited to paddles and hands. Expand your repertoire with a cane, whip, strap, flogger, and more

How to guides: Help her learn the ins-and-outs of a new kink, with a guide, book, or other resource 

"Let's-Do-Something" Gifts for MDlg & MDlb

Earlier we covered Mommy Dom gift ideas, which included tickets to an event.

This section piggybacks off that idea, and takes it a step further:

Things you can do together, without waiting until a specific date!

Many of these gifts won't cost a penny (other than transportation costs or what you have at home!). So, they're phenomenal if you're budget-conscious.

You'll also find a healthy number of activities that do cost money.

Activity-based gifts are often more-cherished than a physical gift. That's because you took the time to research and plan everything, just for the two of you!

Thoughtful only just scratches the surface, when it comes to choosing the perfect Mommy Dom gift.

Awesome, FREE Activities for littles & Mommy Doms

Go for a hike: Find a new trail--or one you know and love--pack your gear and food, and head into nature together

Play with puppies or kitties: Find an adoption event or contact a local shelter to set up a day out, with one of their cuties

Set-up a time to read together: Select a book for her to read to you, or just enjoy quiet reading time together. Download a new ebook from your local library for her, if you can!

Do a season-specific activity: Sledding in winter, pumpkin patches in fall, going to the pool in summer, etc.

Build a fort together: Get all the sheets, cushions, and chairs you need to make the perfect movie night spot--snacks and everything!

Be a couple of cooking fiends: Take inspiration from your favorite cookbook or show, and try something new. Or, find a delicious treat to bake together!

Set-up a game with friends: Get a group together to play kickball, dodgeball, or hide-and-go-seek

Plan a trivia night: Invite friends over (or on Skype), for a night of trivia fun. Come up with your own questions, find an app, or pull from a website.

Sit down and color together: Pull out some coloring books and just spend time together. Or, get a few new pages to color together!

Take your car for a cruise: Head to a favorite spot and watch a sunset, or choose a new destination, while listening to her favorite music, chatting, and enjoying each others company

Prepare a picnic: Put all your favorite lunch-y foods, like finger sandwiches, a cheese board, crackers, and fruit in a cute little basket, along with plates, cutlery, and a blanket. Bring wine if you're allowed!

Go thrifting: You don't have to buy anything. But you can laugh your butts off, by picking out silly clothes for each other to try on. Snap pics with goofy poses, if you're feeling sassy!

Arrange a photoshoot: Have your Mommy pick out a couple of her favorite outfits, and snap pics of her in various locations. Be her personal photographer for the day

Fantastic Mommy Dom Gift Ideas that Cost Cash

Go to an alcohol tasting together: Find a local winery, brewery, or distillery for various vodka, wine, beer, and other alcohol tastings

Book a private hot tub night: Look for mid-week bookings or Groupons, to snag a deal. Spice it up with new swim suits for you...

Attend a cooking class: Find one by a famous chef you both like, or try a new cuisine you're not well-versed in

Go to a water park: Indoor, outdoor, it doesn't matter. Just make sure it has the things your Mommy likes, too!

Paint a ceramic piece together: Research a local studio and see what they have available to paint

Hire a photographer: Upgrade this idea to a professional, and really wow her. For a lower-cost option, find a student or someone looking to build their portfolio

Hit up an amusement park: Plan a trip to one far away, or go to your favorite one closer to home. Be super cheeky and get an annual pass or fast passes, to jump most of the line

Do a workbook together: Discover more about your respective kinky identities and see what you need, to thrive in your dynamic. Our Ultimate Caregiver little guide is an awesome choice, and so is the BDSM Relationship Guide.

Go to a creative workshop: Consider something artsy like drawing or painting; something kinky, like bondage; or something entertainment-related, like stand-up, or improv.

Visit an arcade: Relive the nostalgia with old-school arcade games, or cross over to the fun way, with a place like Dave and Busters

Have a tie dye party: Bust out the colors, set-up your station, and dip whatever your heart desires. Think shirts, socks, hoodies, etc.

Make a scrapbook: Grab a pre-made kit with all the fixings, or use an assortment of whatever. Gather your favorite pictures & mementos and design something amazing

Attend a dance class together: Think salsa, ballroom, hip hop, tap, ballet, merengue, etc.

Pick a new restaurant to try: Blindfold her, have her point at a map, and randomly choosing what your finger lands on

Put together a romantic bath: Don't forget all the fun stuff, like bubbles, bath bombs, and yummy scents. Bring in candles and low music, to really set the mood

Play a naughty game: Go old-school with 20 questions, switch it up with kinky truth-or-dare, or try your hand at these sex challenges

Learn more about your dynamic: Workbooks are great for getting to know each other, but sometimes you want to learn about the lifestyle more, too. Our little Ages Guide is the perfect place to start

Handing Over Your Mommy Dom Gift

Holy cow! We just covered so many Mommy Dom gift ideas, my brains a little fried. But, like, in a good way.

Finding an amazing MDlb & Mdlb gift is so rewarding because you know how happy your Mommy's gonna be.

I super duper hope this list gave you a few ideas about what to make or buy for her!

If you're still waffling, though, I got a little secret for you:

You can hand her the Mommy Dom gift any Mommy would love--because it's designed specifically for her.

It takes out the stress of having to think about the perfect thing because it is the perfect thing!

One last thing:

Even if something doesn't fit the typical "Mommy Dom gift" description, get it if you know she'll love it. You know her best!

Regardless of which route you take, though, she's gonna love whatever you give her because it came from you!

So, stop feeling intimidated by the whole process of choosing the exact right Mommy Dom gift, and start feeling like the little rockstar you are!