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Are you ready to wrap your head around the age play kink?

what is age play vs little space

When you Google, "What is age play?", about a hundred zillion results pop up.

But, many leave you feeling more confused than before.

Today, we're singing a different tune. This post hands you all the basics about age play and age regression, and how they fit in with little space.

Each section covers a bite-size chunk of information, so you can pick and choose what you want to learn about!

You'll get the low down on:

  • The answer to "what is age play?"
  • Sexual vs non-sexual age play
  • What little & middle ages look like
  • Where to buy age play stuff
  • How to learn more

By the end of this, you'll be able to explain age play to anyone who asks.

Buckle up, buttercup--we're in for a fun-filled ride!

What Is Age Play, You Say?

Ah, one of the oldest kinky questions in-the-book:

What is age play?

It's a form of role play between consenting adults, where someone acts younger than their age according to Mother Nature.

Your Mother Nature age is whatever's on your birth certificate. Sometimes called your "real age", but I don't like that term.

We all know you must be 18+ to participate in kink--aka no kids are allowed.


That doesn't mean you won't see kinksters act like a kid.

You guessed it:

Behaving like a child is the simplest definition of age play.

You're literally acting like a younger age than you "actually" are.

For example, you're technically 27. However, you identify as a 3-year-old.

So you participate in 3-year-old behaviors, which can include:

  • Needing to use a sippie cup
  • Fighting to go to sleep
  • Short sentences mixed with baby talk
  • Needing help cutting up food
  • Engaging in make-believe play

(This isn't a remotely comprehensive list)

All of these things are actions, or things you do.

It's important to understand this caveat because many people confuse age play with little space.

While similar, they're definitely not the same thing. Let's dig a little deeper into that!

Little Space vs Age Play: The CGl Showdown

Age play, as you already know, is when someone acts younger than their Mother Nature age.

On the other hand, little space is the mindset someone takes on.

All kinksters have their own headspace. It's the state-of-mind, when they someone feels their kinky identity.

For example, Daddyspace is the mindset Daddies take on. Subspace is the headspace subs take on.

In other words, it's quite literally all-in-your-head.

It's what you feel and think.

On the flip side, age play is how you behave and what you do.

Little space = how you think

Age play = how you act

Now, many littles and middles DO participate in age play.


It's 100% NOT a requirement, in order to identify as a little or middle.

As long as you feel that age, then you're golden.

So, if you've ever questioned whether you're "little enough", you've got your answer:

You are totally little enough.

Acting like a little doesn't make you a little--your headspace does!

And if you act little as hell 24/7, that's awesome too.

Both kinds littles and middles are valid and amazing.

....even if you don't feel sexual when you're in little space.

What If I Don't Like Dirty Play Time?

Then you're not alone!

It's a common misconception that you have to be sexual or want sex, when participating in age play.

News flash:

Many kinks aren't "traditionally sexual".

That means you don't have to have use your sexual organs, in order to for something to be considered a kink.

Foot fetishes are a perfect example.

Feet aren't "traditionally sexual", but they certainly provide a lot of pleasure for many people.


Pleasure does NOT have to involve orgasms.

In order to enjoy age play, you don't need orgasms. You simply need to act younger than you are.

That means you do NOT have to enjoy sex, when you're in little space.

In fact, many littles and middles have ZERO interest in it. And, just as many littles and middles LOVE sex, during play time. It's all about your personal preference.

If you fall into the former category, you might've heard the term "age regressor" and identified with it.

It's an important piece of understanding the age play puzzle, so let's dive on in!

How to Know If You're NOT a little...

What exactly is an age regressor?

Like a little, they're someone who takes on a childlike state-of-mind.

Where they differ, however, is why they regress.

Age regressors fall into a younger mindset as a coping mechanism. In psychology, this is called your "inner-child".

If you were ever on little space Tumblr during it's heyday, there's a good chance you encountered a community called CGlre, or Caregiver/little-regression.

You may not come across them before, but it's important to be aware of.

They claim they're simply littles without the sexual activities; as such, they do not participate in kink.

Littles can, of course, be asexual.

As we've discovered, though, littles fall under the kinky umbrella.

Therefore, it's impossible for a little to both be and not be a kinkster.

That's like saying baseball is both a sport and not a sport. Or strawberries are both a food and not a food.

It's illogical for them to be considered both.

In that same vein, it's illogical for littles to be part of kinky and non-kinky communities.

Heck, you can go so far as to call this equivocation dangerous!

That's because the kink community REQUIRES members to be CONSENTING ADULTS. Adults, by definition, are 18+ (or older, depending on your country).

The CGlre community DOES NOT REQUIRE members to be consenting adults. Therefore, children are allowed.

Those children will refer to themselves as "littles".

And because of that label, they may accidentally interact with kinksters who are adults.

Adults interacting sexually with kids is bad--no shit, Sherlock. But, even unwittingly interacting with a minor can cause loads of problems!

By allowing literal children to refer to themselves as something reserved for adults, you're opening a nasty can of worms.

So, as much as CGlre members may push for the name--they are NOT littles. They're participating in inner-child work, which is open to ANY age.

What If I Age Regress AND am little?

Then you're definitely not alone!

You can absolutely identify as both an age regressor and a little--there's nothing stopping you.

As a matter of fact, many littles and middles use their respective headspaces, as a coping mechanism.

Heck, I do it on a daily basis!

Just because you identify as an age regressor doesn't automatically negate your littleness. There's a time and place for everything!

Think about it this way:

All squares are rectangles

But, not all rectangles are squares.


All littles can be age regressors.

But, not all age regressors can be littles.

For example, a 15-year-old may identify as an age regressor, but they cannot identify as a little.

Just as a 31-year-old may identify as a little AND an age regressor.

Many of us DO use little- and middlespace as a way to deal with things in a safe place away from the big, bad world.

"Safe" being the operative term.

Here, safety means the ability to interact with people you KNOW are consenting adults, so you can focus on yourself.

Speaking of focusing on yourself, it's time to get to know the real you!

Little Ages at Different Stages

We'd be silly not to cover little ages, when answering the question "what is age play?"

As you can guess, little ages mirror those of "real" ages.

So, littles and middles are basically adult versions of children, from their mannerisms and reactions, to likes and dislikes.

Here's the quick and dirty:

Littles typically range from ages 0-to-10

Middles typically range from ages 10-to-17

Of course, these are just guidelines to help you understand CGl dynamics.

You may identify as a range of ages, a single age, or fluctuate on a daily basis.

You ready to get a grip on them?

Infant Littles

infant littles age play guide

Age: Newborn - 11 Months

Punishments: Like babies, they shouldn't be punished harshly because they don't know better. Taking things away is solid.

Toys: Rattles, stuffies, and mobiles

Little Things: Onesies and diaper covers are popular, as are bottles and pacis!

These babies are, well, truly babies!

So, many infant littles are also ABDL. That means they may wear diapers, and might not be potty trained, either.

1 year old littles

1-Year-Old Littles

Age: 1-year-old

Punishments: A light spank, taking away toys or privileges, no sweets

Toys: Toys that make noise & water toys (bath paints are popular!)

Little Things: Onesies and diaper covers are appropriate, as are pacis--don't forget the clip.

These cuties are very cute and cuddly--and have yet to reach their devious side.

So, many infant littles are also ABDL. That means they may wear diapers, and might not be potty trained, either.

These littles definitely know the word "No!", and can be punished when they don't listen.

Depending on their mobility, they may crawl or walk. They may also be ABDL.

2-Year-Old littles

2 year old littlespace characteristics

Age: 2-years-old

Punishments: A light spanking, forced diaper wearing (if potty trained), no sweets

Toys: Action figures or dolls, legos, and dress up clothes.

Little Things: They may still be interested in pacis and onesies, but many are starting to transition into pull-ups. They should also start using a sippie cup, over bottles.

Ah, the terrible 2s. They're alive and well amongst toddler-aged littles.

As devious, cunning, and sneaky as they are, these cuties love cuddles and pleasing their Caregivers.

It should come as no surprise, but these littles often end up in trouble...and over Daddy's knee.

But, they're finally at an age where they understand rewards, so you can really get into some fun stuff.

qualities of 3 year olds in little space

3-Year-Old littles

Age: 3-years-old

Punishments: Spankings are an appropriate punishment for these littles, and should be doled out without hesitation. When you hesitate, they'll worm their way out of it!

Toys: Play doh, dolls, and coloring everything.

Little Things: While they say they're big kids, they still love the comfort of onesies and pacis. Some may still wear pullups, but all should be using sippie cups over bottles.

Most littles of this age have passed the icky stages of 2, and exhibit the fun qualities of 3.

That's not to say they can't be bratty, though! If they don't get their way, well...look out for a meltdown.

(Find out the secrets to taming brats here).

little space 4 year olds

4-Year-Old littles

Age: 4-years-old

Punishments: You can spank these littles at any time. They can definitely have a bratty side that needs to be tamed, too.

Toys: Slime, board games, and craft supplies.

Little Things: Most of these littles are past wearing onesies, but some may still be in pullups or using a paci.

These littles are starting to grow up more. They still have a toddler-like side, but can think for themselves.

That means they're full of questions, and want to explore anything and everything. So, be on the lookout for when they climb furniture!

5 year old ddlg littles

5-Year-Old littles

Age: 5-years-old

Punishments: Spanking with any implements, a verbal apology, losing privileges

Toys: Obstacle courses, making art, and coming up with games.

Little Things: May use a paci, she may not. From here on out, it becomes hit-or-miss.

By now, littles know why they should follow what Daddy says...and actually follow through.

But look out for a tantrum, because they're a sight to see! A while later, though, and they might be back to singing and dancing.

These littles love play involving jumping on trampolines, anything to do water, and building things.

6- & 7-Year-Old littles

6 and 7 year old littles

Age: 6-to-7-years-old

Punishments: Groundings up-to-3-days, writing lines, losing privileges

Toys: Art supplies, jewelry making stuff, trading cards, and sports.

Little Things: Most littles of this age won't use a paci. But, many are still sleeping with stuffies and blankies.

These little goofballs love making Daddy crack up. They're all about being silly.

While they can be bratty, they're good way more than bad. They'll try to push the boundaries, though, to really see what they can get away with.

older littled age play guide

8-, 9-, & 10-Year-Old Littles

Age: 8-to-10-years-old

Punishments: Any kind of spanking, lines, grounding, kneel on dried rice

Toys: Big kid dolls, science kits, art supplies, video games, and sporting equipment.

Little Things: These littles likely shun baby girl and boy items because "they're too old for that"...but you might catch them snuggling a stuffie or two.

These littles are on the cusp of being middles. That means they'll back-sass you without a second thought.

Overall, they're still sweet and haven't hit the bratty teenage years. But, that's not to say they don't have their own zingers.

pre-teen middles ddlg little space

Pre-Teen Middles

Age: 11- & 12-years-old

Punishments: Kneeling on dried peas or rice, no electronics or other privileges, only wear what Caregiver says

Toys: Art supplies, sports equipment, pool toys, jewelry making kits

Little Things: Many middles claim they're too old, but may have a few favorite stuffies stashed away

These pre-teens finally broke through the little barrier, into middle territory.

Like middle schoolers, they're full of sass and snark, with just enough sweet to get away with things.

Overall, they're still (relatively) obedient. But, that's not to say they don't have a touch of brat, just up their sleeves!

teenage middles daddy kink

Young Teen Middles

Age: 13-, 14, & 15-years-old

Punishments: Spankings with implements, lines or a multi-page essay, no seeing friends or going out

Toys: Video games, things for makeovers (makeup, clothes, etc.), movies and books

Little Things: This age may claim they love little things, but there's a good chance they still have their favorite stuffies or blankies

You thought the 2s were terrible. Welcome to the teenage years.

Like teens, they're smart as a whip, with a mouth to back it up. Pushing boundaries is back with a vengeance, so keep your eyes peeled.

Overall, they're (pretty) obedient and do want to please their Caregiver. But their vocab and tone are on another level.

16 year old middles middlespace

Older Teen Middles

Age: 16- & 17-years-old

Punishments: Written essay or verbal apology, spankings, take away driving privileges, no seeing friends

Toys: Things for makeovers (curlers, straighteners, makeup, etc.), puzzles, video games, books

Little Things: Some may proudly sleep with a stuffie or blankie, while others will scoff at it

Older middles are on a whole different level.

They're practically adults, so they can go toe-to-toe in an intellectual debate....and might school you because they enjoy going crazy deep into a topic.

Unlike adults, though, they still make some erratic decisions, which may lead to consequences down the road.

While they're often obedient, they can practically taste adulthood and will see how far they can push you; with an adorable smile, to boot.

The DDlg Shop 'til You Drop List

When it comes to age play and little space, finding new gear can be a task-and-a-half.

Sure, you might be able to find one or 2 cute things at a store. But, it's a gazillion times easier to go to a dedicated CGl or DDlg store.

So, that's what this section covers:

BDSM stores for littles and Caregivers!

General Clothing Stores for littles

Age-Play Specific Clothing Stores

Pacis, Diapers & Other Little Things

DDlg Lingerie

Little Space Toys & Activities

Naughty Toys for Playtime

To the Kink Academy!

I know...I really want to shop 'til I drop, too!

But, you've got another question:

Where can you learn more about age play?

Honestly, most of the information is scattered across the internet.

Tumblr used to be a fantastic resource, but it's gone to the wayside, since The Change.

Hey--wipe that frown off your face!

I've got you.

I created a Little Ages Guide to give you more insight into age play!

This unofficial resource hands you everything you need, to really understand littles, little space, and Caregiver little dynamics.

It's the perfect way to learn more about age play kinks and how they manifest at different ages.

If you're looking for a little cheatsheet, though, you can snag a copy of the mini-version here!

Otherwise, if you know of any other resources, please drop them below so I can add them to this list!

Now You Know About Age Play, Ayyyy

Wowie zowie! We covered a TON!

I hope you've learned the answer to your original question, "What is age play?"....and so much more.

Like anything else, age play is all about keeping an open mind, and an open line of communication with your partner.

So, slip into little space and let age play take you away, cutie!